World leading producer of
fluoropolymer tubing

ScanTube manufactures tubing and profiles made from fluoropolymers.
Our extensive experience with tube manufacturing has created a foundation
of excellence while fostering a quality conscious environment. Our flexibility
and practical know-how allows us to be in all segments and all markets.

Added value

ScanTube is focused on a high level of service for all customers - quick response
and fast delivery.

Benefits of ScanTube:
  • Extensive experience - fluoropolymer tubing proficiency.
  • Customer focus - the customer's requirement governs our business.
  • Complete supplier - from concept to delivery.
  • Global presence - we are present where our customers are.
  • Local presence - sales offices keep stock of most common sizes.
  • Financial strength - we invest according to your needs.

Our production

Production takes place in our modern manufacturing facilities that utilize the latest
high-tech machinery while being managed by a quality conscious workforce.
Production is tailored to meet the customer's demands and requirements.
Technology, logistics and operations are modified accordingly. The close link between
development and production creates the setting for an effective and mutually profitable product.

Important events

1985      ScanTube starts production in Finland (Åland).
1990      ScanTube starts production in Thailand.
2000      ScanTube establishes sales offices in Germany and USA.
New factory on Åland.
2012      HQ moved from Switzerland to Sweden. Factory expansion at Thai ScanTube.
Factory expansion at ScanTube OY.Expansion and upgrading of clean room in Thailand.
2013      Obtained ISO14644 (clean room) certification.
Obtained ISO13485 (medical device) certification
2015      Optinova Group, a division of Eriksson Capital, acquires ScanTube Group.
An Optinova Group Company